Monday, September 19, 2005


Ang Bronx Angel ang kahuli-hulihang indie comicbook abroad na ginawa ko. Lalabas ito ng February 2006. Maganda ang mga naging unang review ng libro kaya naman nakatataba ng puso. Parang gusto ko tuloy ulit mag-komiks...

"Bronx Angel really puts the reader into the mindset of a young soldier on the battlefield, and that's something all too relevant in our modern times. Dan Head has something to say about what it means to be just over twenty years old and entrusted with lives on the battlefield, and Randy Valiente's artwork has a nice photo-real approach that nicely conveys the chaos and emotional cost of being in the midst of combat."

- Randy Lander,
The Fourth Rail

"I recently got my hands on a preview of another Proletariat Comics release, BRONX ANGEL #0 – and I went in blind. I didn’t know what to expect from the story, or what it was even about. What I got was a well-crafted tale about a Marine Corporal dealing with his rise in ranks thanks to dead man’s shoes and the effect this has on him in combat. Essentially a prequel to the story of the Corporal’s return to civilian life, it’s the most realistic portrayal of a soldier’s lot that I’ve seen in comics. No Nick Fury-style heroics here; this is blood and guts and the horror of war.

- Richard Lovatt, Bad Penny,
PaperBack Reader


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